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Yuko Kitchen

His-Laboratory_Yuko-Kitchen-1 His-Laboratory_Yuko-Kitchen-2 His-Laboratory_Yuko-Kitchen-3-a

As you may or may not know, I love looking for new places to eat.  Per usual, I took myself to Yelp.  That’s when I came across Yuko Kitchen just off La Brea and Wilshire.

You can’t see Yuko Kitchen right off Wilshire.  It’s actually a little bit south of Wilshire off Dunsmuir.  The decor is unique and eclectic with little knickknacks in and around the venue.  There’s even a seating area around a planter… with the planter as the table.  How cute! Based off the images I saw on Yelp, I ordered the Garlic Albacore Rice Bowl: rice, lettuce, albacore, jalapeños, roasted garlic, and a light ponzu-eque dressing.  Brandon, my dude, ordered the Spicy Salmon Bowl-lito (the contents of a bowl wrapped in a burrito).  For beverages, I kept it simple with a milk tea.  Brandon ordered the apple mint lemonade, which was a bit sweet but still delicious.  I love me some Japanese food, and I will be returning shortly to stuff my face with more Asian amazingness.

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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90s Nostalgia

His-Laboratory_90s-Nostalgia-1 His-Laboratory_90s-Nostalgia-2 His-Laboratory_90s-Nostalgia-3

Seeing this shirt on ASOS definitely gave me some 90s nostalgia.  In my childhood home in San Diego, we had these sofas that had almost the exact same colours and pattern as the ones seen on my shirt.  I’m not sure what happened to those sofas, but I’m glad my parents upgraded to some cream, off-white leather ones.

After snapping these images, my friend Jay and I ended up at Fifty Seven, a cute little restaurant located in the Arts District of Los Angeles––tucked away in what used to be the old loading dock for Heinz ’57 (yes, the ketchup).  There’s outdoor patio seating as well as a more intimate-dimmed-lighting-sit-close-to-me kind of setting indoors.  The tunes were quite happening as well.  I attempted to Shazam a remix of Cherub’s “Doses & Mimosas,” but I think there was too much background noise.  I’m not too big a fan of nuts, but the bar pistachios were amazing.  They had a nice smoky flavour that made me want another round of them.  Be sure to stop by and experience this little gem for yourself; they change chefs, menus, and cocktails every few months.  Catch the goodness while you can.  Cheers!

Shirt ASOS
Trousers Topman
Shoes Urban Outfitters
Bracelet Gifted

Photos by Jay Valle

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Eyes on Fairfax

His-Laboratory_Eyes-on-Fairfax-1 His-Laboratory_Eyes-on-Fairfax-2 His-Laboratory_Eyes-on-Fairfax-3

There were definitely plenty eyes on Fairfax.  I’ve forgotten how busy of a street it actually is.

There were eyes on Fairfax, and there were eyes on me––literally in more than one way.  I had the eyes printed on my shirt, and I also had passersby looking as the camera was clicking.  I like weird shit, which is why I needed to buy the shirt I’m wearing.  One doesn’t need a lot to look interesting.  Something as simple as a print can spark a conversation––just like what this shirt did at Trader Joe’s :)

Sunglasses Aldo
Shirt ASOS
Trousers Topman
Shoes Zara

Photos by Amelia Willson

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