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Haim at The Roosevelt Hotel

His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-1 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-2 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-3 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-4 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-5 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-6 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-7 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-8 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-9 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-10 His-Laboratory_Haim-at-The-Roosevelt-Hotel-11

Last night, I attended an FYF after party where a DJ set was performed by Haim at The Roosevelt Hotel.

There was a good amount of people there, along with a handful of girls trying to cut at the bar.  Rude.  Haim had a cute lineup and played songs like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston, “Say My Name” by Destinys Child, and “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson.  I was right up front next to one of the speakers, so I had a little trouble hearing after.  Oopsie!

Special thanks to Becca for making this night happen!

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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Cinespia at Hollywood Forever

His-Laboratory_Cinespia-at-Hollywood-Forever-1 His-Laboratory_Cinespia-at-Hollywood-Forever-2

It was my first time attending Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery this past weekend.  I surprised Brandon with tickets for fantasy night where they started the night out with The Neverending Story.

The gates open at 7:00PM and the movies start at 9:00PM.  Be sure to get there early because the line to get in gets quite long pretty fast.  Brandon and I ended up getting a pretty good spot in the center towards the back, so it was easy to get out if we had to.  People there are super friendly since you’re sitting right next to them on the grass.  We ended up sharing snacks with a few of our neighbors.  Also, guests tend to go all out with rations.  Here’s a suggested list of what you should bring if you decide to give movies at the cemetery a go:

A blanket or two (one to lay on and one to actually use to keep warm)
Snacks (people bring water, cookies, cheese + crackers, wine + plastic wine glasses, beer, etc.)
Napkins/paper towels
A cooler (to keep your beverages cool)
A portable phone charger (just in case)

You’re allowed to bring beach chairs, but the seat can’t be higher than six inches.  They exile you to a special section if your chair is too high.  There are porta potties and hand-washing stations available as well.

They were playing movies until sunrise, but Brandon and I had to leave after the first movie because Ava was home alone, and I had to let her out to go potty.  If you decide to hit up movies at the cemetery, bring good vibes, make friends, and have fun! Cheers.

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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His-Laboratory_Sqirl-1 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-2 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-3 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-4 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-5 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-6 His-Laboratory_Sqirl-7

I discovered Sqirl on the explore section of Instagram––not Yelp this time.  It’s located on the north-east corner of Virgil and Marathon.  There’s indoor seating as well as patio/sidewalk seating, and the restaurant is pet friendly––just not inside.  The line does get long, so get there early! Just as a heads up, order before getting a table; it’s policy.

After standing in line for some time and debating whether or not to get something sweet or savory, I ordered the Stuffed French Toast, and Brandon ordered the Kokuho Rose Brown Rice Bowl.  I sampled some of Brandon’s rice bowl, and it had a nice kick to it from the fermented hot sauce (so good).  For beverages, I had an Iced Almond Milk Latte, and Brandon had a Vanilla Bean Lemonade, which could have had a little more vanilla bean flavour to it.  I wasn’t able to finish my french toast (but I did eat most of it), so share if you’d like.  I’ll for sure be exploring more of the menu.  Let me know what you experiment at Sqirl.  Cheers.

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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