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Checked Out

His-Laboratory_Checked-Out-1 His-Laboratory_Checked-Out-2 His-Laboratory_Checked-Out-3

I’ve been swooning over the weather lately: the perfect ratio of sun and clouds.  I’m hands down checked out of the heat in more ways than one.

It feels great to be able to wear some heavier textiles like a cable knit polo along with a suit jacket; I like to be “anti-suited” (yeah, I kinda made that up), not pairing the jacket with the corresponding pant.  I spent the day in Pasadena––enjoying its natural beauty and different architecture in comparison to what we see in Los Angeles.

Being on the Colorado Street Bridge made me feel like I was in Paris on a bridge over the La Seine river or somewhere in London, walking over the River Thames, but it was obvi not the same.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday––whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Cheers!

Shirt, Suit Jacket, and Jeans Topman (shirt here, suit jacket here, and similar jeans here)
Shoes Aldo

Photos by Jay Valle

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A Man In Uniform

His-Laboratory_A-Man-In-Uniform-1 His-Laboratory_A-Man-In-Uniform-2

We all enjoy a man in uniform, right? Here, I’m not actually in uniform. Does it still count though?

I don’t recall how my dad’s old uniforms from when he was in the navy ended up in my belongings, but they did.  Before I moved, I did a lot of cleaning out but ended up keeping one of these little treasures.  I wore my dad’s old uniform as an over shirt to add an additional layer during the slightly chilly Los Angeles days.  Wearing this shirt reminds me of Mean Girls where homegirl says, “It was my mom’s in the 80s!” Sometimes the best inspiration is drawn from things from our past.

Inner Shirt Topman (similar here)
Over Shirt Vintage
Jeans and Backpack ASOS (similar jeans here and similar backpack here)
Shoes Nike

Photos by Brandon Delgado

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The Springs

His-Laboratory_The-Springs-1 His-Laboratory_The-Springs-2 His-Laboratory_The-Springs-3 His-Laboratory_The-Springs-4 His-Laboratory_The-Springs-5 His-Laboratory_The-Springs-6

After being open for only a month now, I made my way down to the Los Angeles Arts District to The Springs.

I discovered The Springs through Jaimie, a new Instagram friend I made recently.  I stumbled upon her profile randomly, loved the aesthetic of her feed, and turned that “Follow+” button green.

The salad bowls are larger than they appear; they serve approximately two servings.  Brandon and I were full off the Nacho Salad––which was plenty, chips and guac, and we didn’t even end up finishing the chia seed pudding.  With the exception of raw honey, the whole menu is vegan.  We didn’t get to try any of the juices, but the Rucksack and Skinny Dip are on my list for my next trip––not necessarily both but one of them at least.

This place is a restaurant, a café/bar, store, and yoga studio all in one.  The music playing was my cup of tea and definitely a place that is “one to watch.”

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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