Balancing Act


As I continue to live day by day, each day seems to be a balancing act.

I find myself trying to balance work, having a social life, working on side projects, and working on myself. When responsibilities from one of these things increase, the attention towards another lessens. That’s where I need to find a balance. I’ve found myself neglecting my blog––my creative outlet––because work gets out of hand at times. When the workload increases, I find myself having less time to create content for this passion project as well as finding less time to have a life I can enjoy.

As I grow throughout time and with life experiences, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back to look at our “film” in its entirety instead of what we see directly before us.

What are some things you do to help balance LIFE?

Top American Apparel
Shirt Uniqlo x Lemaire (similar here and here)
Pants Topman (similar here and here)
Shoes Reebok
Watch Casio
Ring Vintage

Photos by Tiffany Perry

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