Adesuwa Aighewi


Name: Adesuwa Duwangsawang Thongpond Pariyapasat Aighewi
Agency: Photogenics
Hometown: Edo, Nigeria

If you could choose any album to be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?
That’s a lotta pressure; it’ll be more of a mixtape. I haven’t heard of any one particular artist that has demonstrated a range of emotions that could encompass the soundtrack of my life––in one album that is.

What was the last thing you ate?
Hi-Chew Candy

Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
 I don’t have favourite anything; Mowgli was cool though.

Describe your eye color to someone who’s blind.
Black hole leading into the abyss of nothingness

You’re about to lip-sync (for your life). Who’s your duet partner and why?
My baby sister Omorose because she gets it

Photos and Styling by Kevin Ipalari

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Ostrich Farm


Avocado Toast

Fall Vegetable and Gruyere Quiche

Sweet Potato Bowl

It’s not actually an ostrich farm, but that would be fun place to visit in Los Angeles!

After wanting to visit this place for a while because of it’s eye-pleasing aesthetics and handsome-looking food, I finally made my way here with Brandon and Natalie. Located right off Sunset Boulevard near Echo Park Lake in Echo Park, Ostrich Farm’s new-age, American menu is fresh and on the healthy side of life.

We ended up sitting at the bar because it was quite busy when we arrived on a Sunday morning, so we weren’t able to sit in that cutely lit corner by the window. We ordered several things and only water to drink. Brandon ordered the Fall Vegetable and Gruyere Quiche. Natalie ordered the Lentil bowl. I ordered the Sweet Potato Bowl as well as the Avocard Tartine to share with whoever wanted some. We also ordered the House Made Brioche Cinnamon Buns but ended taking them home because we were stuffed little piggies.

If you’re into avocado toast or fresh, American food, try Ostrich Farm, and share the love!

Who would you bring here?

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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Don’t Stop


I offer these two words of encouragement to you.

Whether you’re passionate about painting or playing video games––if it’s what feeds your soul, don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I may be getting a little deep here––you know since I’m a Pisces and all *new eye roll emoji*, but I’ve learned that when I attempt to do something else… something a little more “practical” when it comes to career-related things, I always end up reverting back to where the passion is; the passion lies where creativity is. I’m a creative, and that’s where my happiness is (i.e. creating moodboards, editing images, layout and design, etc.).

I know I’m not the only one out in the interwebs that’s like this. What are you most passionate about, and what is it that pushes you to continue doing that thing?

Jacket and Inside Sweater Zara (jacket here and similar sweater here and here)
Outside Sweater Uniqlo
Jeans Topman (similar here and here)
Shoes Zara (similar here)

Photos by Tiffany Perry

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