Under The Bridge

His-Laboratory_Under-The-Bridge-1 His-Laboratory_Under-The-Bridge-2His-Laboratory_Under-The-Bridge-3a

There’s something about the Los Angeles bridges that I love.  Maybe it’s their simplicity and neutral colours.  Maybe it’s how they separate two different worlds.  I’m not completely sure.

Yeah, there may be homeless people under the bridge, but the neutral paint definitely makes for a perfect backdrop for anything.  The blues in my denim jacket and jeans subtly pop––as well as the fiery red in my sunglasses.  Do my brown Asian eyes pop too? Kidding.  I only said that because it’s the first time my eyes have been displayed on here.  Surprise 😉

There’s so much beauty where people least expect to find it.

Shirt ASOS
Jacket River Island
Jeans Topman
Shoes Converse
Sunglasses Ray Ban

Photos by Breanna Jackson

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Urth Caffé

His-Laboratory_Urth_Caffe_1 His-Laboratory_Urth_Caffe_2 His-Laboratory_Urth_Caffe_3 His-Laboratory_Urth_Caffe_4

This past weekend, my friend Tayler and I went to Urth Caffé.  She had never been before, and we were looking for something “bistro-esque.”  They have several locations, but we ended up at the Arts District location because it was the closest to where we were.

I know I wanted a sandwich, and that’s exactly what I ordered: the Panini Prosciutto Di Parma. YUM! Tayler was in a battle between the Panini Roasted Turkey and the Smoked Salmon Plate.  When it was our turn to order, she panicked and went with something she already knew: the Smoked Salmon Plate.  She also ordered an iced chai tea with boba; it was her first time having boba (tapioca pearls), and she thought they were interesting. Ha.  I ordered an iced green tea latte with almond milk.  The almond milk really give it a nice, nutty flavour.  We were feeling extra beastly, so I ordered us the earl grey tiramisu.  Don’t judge.

It didn’t take too long for our food to come out, but when I got my plate, I only saw ONE cluster of caramelized pecans.  Tayler also wish she had more cream cheese for her bagel.  I was a bit disappointed, buuut we enjoyed our meals nonetheless.  In the midst of Tayler scarfing down the tiramisu (after saying she would only have a bite), I snapped a few portrait-style images of her.  What a beauty.

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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His-Laboratory_Quickie-1 His-Laboratory_Quickie-2 His-Laboratory_Quickie-3

When you’re someone as busy as I am, you only have time for a quickie photo shoot like this to display an “OOTD” (that’s “outfit of the day” for those who are unaware of the term).  After a long day of work––managing a casting for Forward and stuffing my face with Fonuts––there was more work to be done.

When I got off work, I picked up another one of my best friends, Amelia.  She and I helped out a friend with some e-commerce product photography in Downtown where she modeled, and I photographed.  Before that, we squeezed in a quick shoot for the blog.  With a jam-packed Friday, I wanted to be comfortable but cute at the same time.  Polo shirts have really grown onto me although I used to make fun of my dad when I was younger for always wearing polos.  Whoops! Along with the polo, I wore my beat-up shoes that are my “default” pair, some blue stretch skinny denim and finished off with a black moto jacket.

Twas a long fourteen hour day of work, y’all.  I’m pooped. Good night!

Polo, Jacket, Belt ASOS
Jeans Topman
Shoes Zara
Sunglasses Aldo

Photos by Amelia Willson

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