Echo Park Lake

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Sometimes after a long day of work, I just want to relax but not necessarily at home.  I live just down the street of Echo Park Lake, so I go there to people watch, enjoy some fresh air, listen to the vendors selling elote and/or ice cream, and, well, relax.  It’s nice to just sit back, stare up at the palm trees, listen to the water shoot up like Old Faithful, and enjoy the natural beauty around us.  Oh look––DTLA in the distance, girl!

A little Hispanic boy and what looked like his older sister (or teen mom) were tossing tortilla pieces to several of the lake ducks.  I didn’t even know ducks liked tortillas.  You really do learn something new every day.  I also spotted a few ducklings along with their rents but they were too far for me to photograph, sooo I enjoyed looking at them from a distance.  I was also able to enjoy the beautiful silhouettes of “Palm Tree Island” (I clearly named it that myself) from a distance since that piece of land is inaccessible.

The weather was so nice that I actually decided to edit these images on the dock near the pedal boats instead of heading home so soon.  The white pedal boats were definitely a breath of fresh air to me.  Ahhh (me exhaling after taking a nice, deep breath of fresh air).  For those who know me well, I love white.  All the furniture in my room is white anddd so are my bed linens.  Don’t get me wrong though; I do enjoy colour! I don’t discriminate.

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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Syrup Desserts


I stumbled upon Syrup Desserts in Downtown Los Angeles thanks to one of my best friends,  One of my other best friends, Bree, and I wanted dessert, so she said, “Look up fun dessert places,” and that’s exactly what I did.  I typed “fun dessert” into Yelp’s search bar, and Syrup Desserts was the first one listed.  We browsed the photos and came across the Caramel Apple Pie Liege Waffle (featured above); it was the photo that locked in our destination––not the photo posted above but the one we saw on Yelp.  I requested an Uber driver to add to our Sunday adventure (only because I had some credits to use).

We arrived, and I ordered a tea, but now that I’m writing about it, I don’t remember which one I ordered, but it was good! Ha. Bree ordered the Caramel Apple Pie Liege Waffle but got the dulce de leche ice cream on the side, so her waffle wouldn’t get soggy.  I had eaten a little earlier, so I stuck to something “lighter” than a waffle.  Along with my tea, I ordered one scoop of the Pear Champagne ice cream and one scoop of the Raspberry Sherbet––both delicious by the way.  When Bree and I were finished, we decided to walk around downtown to check out some of the shops, but the one store that she wanted to go to no longer existed. Sorry, Bree.

We then ended up at The Last Book Store since neither of us had been there before.  I went straight to the art/design section (of course) while Bree went wherever she went.  We hungout there for a bit then requested the Uber to take us home, so Bree could make it home in time for True Blood.  Our driver Mark (from Melbourne, Australia) arrived in his white (manual) Mercedez; it was probably the nicest Uber car I’ve been in, and I was surprised that it was a manual car and not automatic.  He took us home, and Bree planned on coming over to use my wifi (per usual) to watch True Blood, buuut she never came. #typicalbree

Photo by Kevin Ipalari

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