Showing aloha in Hawaii can mean several things.

One of my favorites is when you let someone in front of you (when you’re driving), and they throw a shaka or a “thank you” wave. It’s definitely something not many people do in the mainland. The lifestyle on the islands are one hundred percent different than that in Los Angeles. The speed limits are slower; the streets are cleaner, and the air isn’t suffocating of smog.

What are some other places that you know of where aloha is displayed?

Shirt Cos (similar here)
Pants Topman
Shoes Aldo (similar here and here)
Watch Casio
Camera Canon (similar here)

Photos by Sarah Tengan

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This Old House


Some people see a makeover opportunity. Others see a photo opportunity––a story.

I saw this old house in Beverly Hills the other day and thought, “Perfect. Photo. Op.” Where most people would say, “That house needs a fresh coat of paint” or “It needs to be tore down and have a new house take its place,” I see history. Who lives there? Who has lived there? It definitely reminded me a bit of the Deitz house in Tim Burton’s 1988 movie Beetlejuice. Though I was born in ’88, it was something I watched when I was younger, and despite its creepy comedy, it was and still remains one of my favorites.

With the temperatures gettin’ low (like Lil’ John) in LA, I’m sure I’m not the only one hitting up retailers for something more than a windbreaker to keep warm.

If you’re into cooler temperature thangz, what are some things you’re looking forward to most?

Shirt H&M (similar here)
Coat Topman
Pants ASOS (similar here and here)

Photos by Tiffany Perry

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Nathalie Nyrén


Name: Nathalie Nyrén
Agency: Photogenics
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

If you could choose any album to be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?
Hmm… this is a really difficult question. I think I would choose Flo Rida’s album ”My House” because I really like all the songs. They are catchy and makes me want to dance.

What’s your “Imma bad bitch” anthem?
“Sleazy” – Ke$ha

Who is your favorite Disney character and why ?
I have always liked Chip n’ Dale––the two chipmunks. They are so cute!

You’re about to lip-sync (for your life). Who’s your duet partner and why?
Beyyoonceee! Queen B! She’s such a cool person!

Someone gives you a time machine right after this interview, where are you going?
I would love to go back to the 1970s when my parents were born just to be able to see how it was when they grew up instead of just seeing pictures and hear stories about it.

Photos and Styling by Kevin Ipalari

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