There’s a common misconception about the star sign Pisces.

No, this post isn’t about signs or astrology. Yes, Pisces can be emotional and sensitive, but I’m sure 100% of the human population feels these two emotions as well. I can sometimes get caught-up in my feelings. Doesn’t everyone? As I grow older and experience different things and as I meet different people––both men and women, I’ve learned to not lean neither here nor there in terms of certain feelings. In some moments, I’ll feel really low, and in other moments, I’ll feel great joy, but in almost all situations, I always try to remain neutral. I like to see both sides: the good and the bad.

Feelings shouldn’t be viewed in a negative way. We’re human. We feel. It’s easy to sit on situations and feel bad for ourselves, but it’s those exact situations that eat us from the inside out and sometimes kill us. Don’t let them do that to you.

What are some things you do to keep your feelings under control?

Shirt Uniqlo and Lemaire (similar here and here)
Jacket Topman (custom embroidery by Chain Gang)
Bandana Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Pants Topman (similar here)
Shoes Aldo (similar here)
Watch Casio
Ring Vintage

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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Balancing Act


As I continue to live day by day, each day seems to be a balancing act.

I find myself trying to balance work, having a social life, working on side projects, and working on myself. When responsibilities from one of these things increase, the attention towards another lessens. That’s where I need to find a balance. I’ve found myself neglecting my blog––my creative outlet––because work gets out of hand at times. When the workload increases, I find myself having less time to create content for this passion project as well as finding less time to have a life I can enjoy.

As I grow throughout time and with life experiences, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back to look at our “film” in its entirety instead of what we see directly before us.

What are some things you do to help balance LIFE?

Top American Apparel
Shirt Uniqlo x Lemaire (similar here and here)
Pants Topman (similar here and here)
Shoes Reebok
Watch Casio
Ring Vintage

Photos by Tiffany Perry

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London in March

His-Laboratory_London-in-March_1 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_2 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_3 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_4 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_5 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_6 His-Laboratory_London-in-March_7

Look, guys, I’m still alive!

Let me tell you; this year has been wild. I’ve been busy with work, which pays the bills, as well as other things I’ve been working on. I went to London and Paris last month; I thought I didn’t have extra film in Paris, so there aren’t photos from there, but I had film in my backpack the whole time! Lame.

I hadn’t been back to Europe since I lived in Italy, which was thirteen years ago. London was one of the last places I visited before moving back to the states, and going to London in March was a lot colder than the last time I was there. I wasn’t able to be tourist so much because I was busy with work meetings (even though the original plan was to go for my birthday), but I was able to do some exploring. I hope you enjoyed this quickie visual diary entry on film.

Special thank you to Calpak for the sweet luggage!

Photos by Kevin Ipalari

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